Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We are moving!

So, the day has come that we have to leave blogspot and move to the WordPress (Whee!!).
TV Oldies now has a full URL: http://www.tv-oldies.com
And the RSS link is still the same: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TvOldies

Please, don't hesitate to visit us in our new home, where despite some little bugs I hope you'll find some new posts!
See you soon.

Friday, 20 June 2008


This is a legend, isn't it? You must have been ashamed back then if you haven't seen this movie. But if you did, you still are lucky because it might be that a new release of RoboCop will come in 2010.

The plot: Detroit in the near future is suffering from extremely high crime rate. A newcomer cop Alex J. Murphy is wounded to death on his first shift but doctors succeed to save his brain and it was used when creating a powerful robot. The robot was made with a purpose to help the police to save the town from the criminals. So, the new-born cyborg starts his job and everything goes just fine until his ought-to-be-lost memories arise in his head. Then angry robot decides to revenge his killers, but some important persons don't want it to happen, since they have close relations with those criminals who killed Murphy.

The movie had its sequel - RoboCop 2, RoboCop 3 and live-action TV series, which had better video effects and was quite interesting but still the movie had more charm as an original story. The post about RoboCop: the Series will appear in TV Oldies later.

Original RoboCop trailer:

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Visionaries — an old (1987) cartoon about everlasting battle between good and evil in the Prysmos planet. The series is a story about the civilization which looses its sources of energy and is forced to start living in the primitive dark-ages conditions. Residents of the planet are no doubt confused, stressed and pissed off by this situation and to top it all, one day a strange man Merklynn appears and gives them some quests. Still some people accept his challenge and some of them managed to accomplish them. And these men and women get magical powers from Merklynn. Yes, he's a wizard, you probably saw that from his name, didn't you? So, each of the knights gets his own totem — animal into which they can convert. What is more, some of them get magical totem staffs which give them additional powers. But unfortunately they can use them only once and after that they have to climb the mountain where Merklynn lives to recharge the staffs (how uncomfortable!). And that's not all - tricky old man rarely recharges staffs for free. In most cases knights have to accomplish some quests. Still don't get it why such a powerful magician can't use his own powers?

The good guys and the bad guys: all of the knights who accomplished the first Merklynn's quest immediately split into two groups and names themselves. Good guys become Spectral Knights and bad — Darkling Lords. Of course, they become warring enemies. Without any reason.. Just because ones are VERY good and others - VERY bad :)

I enjoyed this cartoon a lot. It got stuck in my mind because it's a mix both Fantasy and Sci-Fi (even without their energy resources some knights can control few futuristic war machines). Sadly, the production of the series was stopped and we have only 13 parts of it.

So much for the Visionaries and now’s the time for the intro. Unfortunately, video quality is not very fine but you can find I think all the episodes on YouTube and they are of quite good quality ;)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gummi Bears

Hello, again.
I guess that this Blog's most post will be about cartoons, because it was content that I used to watch almost all the time in my childhood. So, such Oldies mostly come to my mind when I start writing a new post.
This time I dug an Oldie that I used to watch on some Russian channel (Ostankino - I guess). It's a creation of cartoon genius Walt Disney — Gummi Bears.

This cartoon (series consists of 94 parts) is a fairy-tale with wizards, goblins, kings and.. little bears named Gummies. They are almost extinct but still brave and noble forest inhabitants. Gummies live underground and never show up to the people. The bears gather special forest berries and make a special Gummi drink from them. After drinking that liquid they become extremely jumpy and that helps in some situations. And in some situations.. well, it causes even bigger troubles.
Kids, teens and even grown-ups who love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings would also definitely love this cartoon.

Gummi bears intro:

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Conan the adventurer

The first post is dedicated to the TV Oldie that inspired me to start this Blog — it's animated series Conan the adventurer. I used to watch it in my childhood but the memories about it are still very clear. Series consists of 64 parts in which Conan seeks to defeat evil sorcerer Wrath-Amon who turned Conan's family into the stone and to undo his spell. Conan in most of his adventures gets help from Baby phoenix Needle, his brother-in-arms black skinned prince Zula, former circus acrobat Jezmine, sorcerer Greywolf who controls wind power, flying warrior Falkenar, and another barbarian Snagg, who actually looks like a Viking to me.
This cartoon is so special because of feeling of the freedom — Conan's adventures take place from eastern Arabic deserts to western European forests and from polar taigas to southern jungle. It also charms with its magic, heroic and funny adventure.

Intro to return your memories: